Lab Technician

Analytical Consulting Technology, Inc. - Waterbury, CT Posted: 11/26/2007 - Paid - Part-time - Apply Before: 7/30/2010
This internship is closed.


Using analytical methods designated by regulatory authorities, Lab Technicians will perform routine testing of wastewater, storm water, soils, and/or groundwater samples and some hazardous wastes (chemical). Performs other lab ancillary duties such as sample bottle preparation labeling and waste disposal as needed Experience for lab positions is a must. Will be using a computer based LIMS to update and manage lab data


10-11 per hour

Minimum Requirements:

Candidates must have completed some college level course work in chemistry, biology or chemical laboratory analysis. Two years chemistry, biology and/or other lab related experience is typically necessary. Must be comfortable and knowledgeable in a lab setting. Must have knowledge of, and ability to properly use lab equipment.